16-17 May 2009, Cairo, Egypt


Dear Colleague,
It is our pleasure to welcome you the Nano Cement, Steel and Construction Industries Conference (NCSC).

Nanotechnology is set on a path to revolutionize the construction sector. Virtually every aspect of the construction process will be touched by the burgeoning innovations of nano-scale technologies. Molecular engineering offers us the fascinating ability to change the structural properties of materials to better suit our end needs. Already, significant products are on the market which will greatly propel construction innovation forward, including novel coa tings that lead to more tensile, self-cleaning, lower maintenance, anti-reflective, fire-retardant and better insulate3d materials. Moreover, the rapid development of the field of materials science on the nano-scale has offered us a new window of understanding into traditional construction materials, such as cementitious materials or steel, allowing us to enhance their properties, extend their lifetime and provide overall cost-savings and energy consumption reduction. The ecological benefits of these new materials for clean construction, and their possibility for enabling intelligent design, poise nanotechnology to play a significant role in the future of the construction industry and for sustainable development worldwide.

This essential program highlights how the construction industry can unleash the potential of nanotechnology to create new opportunities that will strengthen and support the industry, even through fiscally difficult times. The conference aims to set the agenda for a global nanotech roadmap for the construction industry, that will lead to increased safety, comfort, and ultimately Green building design. I invite you to join us in Cairo to learn about the latest exciting breakthroughs in the rapidly growing nano-construction field and to connect with professionals from across the globe who are at the forefront of these recent developments and initiatives.

We invite your questions and comments, and look forward to welcoming you to Cairo,
The NCSC Team


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